Tamarindo Church is currently partnering with El Faro (Lighthouse) Church in Tipitapa,
P1100380Nicaragua to help them impact their community for Christ.  Over the past several years, Pastor Lyle has been leading mission trips to this community helping El Faro church fulfill their mission to serve the poor in the barrio of Cristo Rey.  We have been doing this primarily by building small homes, bring clothes, distributing food bags, helping their feeding center that feeds 150-250 a day.


On one of our recent trips, we asked the pastor of El Faro church, “What is your vision for El Faro IMG_3854Church?  If you had unlimited funds to do what you feel God is calling you to do here, what would you do?”  The pastor mentioned two primary things… a Wall and a Well.

1.  THE WALL- We would like to build a wall around the church property to make it moresecure.  Theft and crime are always a threat here.  We want to keep the children safe.

2.  THE WELL- We would like to have a well.  We need water for the feeding center… and with water, we could start a garden to grow food for the feeding center and make water more available for our community.

After he shared his vision…. I asked him which was the greater priority, Pastor Gameliel IMG_3874said, “water”.  I had a feeling that would be his answer.  Water is an obvious and critical need in Tipitapa.

On one of our recent trips, while walking form one project to the next, I asked one of the neighbors… “Why don’t people here grow more trees… like mangos or other fruit?  Mango and fruit grow like weeds here.”  The man answered, “There is not enough water”.  Right now, water is rationed to their section of the barrio for only 2-3 hours a day.

So it’s kind of a no brainer…. these people need access to more water.  Not only for the El Faro Church’s feeding program, but also for the local community to have the ability to water trees and grow their own food as well.


Cristo Rey, Tipitapa, Nicaragua

This is a Google Image picture of Cristo Rey. El Faro Church serves the top right portion of this barrio.

The area of Cristo Rey currently has one large community well and water tank that provides water to the entire community.  But this water is distributed to 5 sections of the community, and each section receives water for only 2-3 hours/day.  This has made life tolerable, but difficult.  For example, there is no water running at noon when the feeding program feeds lunch to anywhere between 150-250 children per day.  The limited water supply makes it difficult to meet basic needs for cooking and for cleaning dishes, pots, pans and tables.   We love that they have a vision for providing more nutritious food for the children in this way, and we would like to help them to do this.

Another use that the church needs water for is to start a farm/garden where they can grow fruits and vegetables to serve to the children at the feeding center.  We’d love to see that happen for them.


Water TankNot long after our conversation with pastor Gameliel about his vision, in June of 2014, several men from Tamarindo Church took a follow-up trip to investigate the feasibility of having a well drilled.  In short, what we found is that… yes, they can have a well drilled, but the cost for a well, well casing, water pump, water tower, water tank, tubing and guard house, etc. will run approximately $25,000.  And while that is way more than our church could ever afford, we know our God is bigger than this,  and we are praying that He will help us meet this need for El Faro church and the surrounding community.


This is where you get involved.  We need your help to see El Faro Church have a greater impact in the lives of families and children in their community.  If you would like to donate toward the well project in Cristo Rey,  Simply click the GIVING tab on our website, and follow instructions on their site for making your donation, and be sure to designate your gift for “Tamarindo Church Well”.  Or CLICK HERE to go directly to ACI’s donation page.  THANK YOU!